Rubber Bone Chew Toy with Tug Rope, Coral color


Are you tired of coming home to destroyed toys and having to pick up the stuffing and remains of that toy?! 

Imagine your fur-baby playing with a toy for hours without the toy being destroyed! This interactive rubber bone with high quality rope will give your dog hours of playful and chewing enjoyment without a mess for you to clean up! 

  • High Quality, Natural Rubber
  • High Quality and Durable Rope
  • Ribbed Edges for Dental Hygiene 
  • Interactive Chew Toy
  • Indestructible Chew Toy
  • Hours of Enjoyment for your Dog



    • Length - 8"
    • Thickness (middle) - .75"
    • Width (middle) - 1.5"
    • Width (edge) - 2.25"
    • Rope Length - 5.5"
    • Weight - 7 ounces